Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Whew - I got it ALL done

Well not quite - I must still pack!  I got the preparation for both classes, the proposal and the tedious e-mail including the boarding pass managed.

The packing could be a real problem - it's just Massachusetts in March meaning it's colder than a  - - - so I'll have to take my long underwear.  And then I have to remember all the work to do for the two classes I'll teach on line on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. 

Even with this lovely event - more DBT training - Life goes on.  The classes still happen and I have to take care of my commitments.  Sometimes reality rears it's unattractive head.

Now I'm just reminding myself about packing the charger for the cell phone and the one for the computer and the documents for the classes and something to sleep in and hand cream and . . .

After I actually get onto the plane I may breathe a sigh of relief.  Meanwhile, I'm close to flying away from  home.  I miss Jack - he's at his spa.  I'm surprised that I am missing him - he is NOT Ralph.

My advice to me: breathe.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

So why all these password obstacles?

Here's the real reason I can't write here as much as I should:  I am password challenged.

I thought I had solved all the issues when I uncovered the way Google has hidden access to  my blog - they set it up under an e-mail address that hasn't existed for almost two years!

Now I want to sign in and blow off steam about having too  much to do and NO time.

All of the preambling is providing insight into why I must take my breaks and get another mindfulness session scheduled.  I will stop and do a yoga practice and I will aim to get some sleep - tomorrow is another jammed day - appointment in W. Hollywood, then must be back at my phone to participate in a call-in show on suicide in the military and then teach on-line and then see a client - I'm tired just describing it.

So here's my guidance to myself:  S-T-O-P.   S (stop what I am doing) -T (take a deep breath) - O (observe what I am feeling now) - P (proceed with your day).  Do it.


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Finally, got the secret password!!!

After, literally months of trying to get access to my blog so that I can share the wisdom I may have gained through using my clumsy, low tech skills, I have learned the magic password - Google is NOT flexible, understanding nor does it have ears!

I have talked to the people in my circles who are really competent with technology and they all tell me there is no human behind the way in which Google operates it many tools.

Finally, I have accepted their assessment - silly me, I kept hoping a real person would respond to my questions.  Through those many attempts to enter this site, I learned, Google is unable or unwilling to remove my internet address that has been dead for ages.

All of this frustration leads me back to some basic advice for me: breathe.  Use the skill of radical acceptance.  There are times when logic is the last tool for resolving the problem.


Monday, February 10, 2014

A little wisdom

Whew - Password Craziness

Now if I could just remember how to get to this spot, I might write more often.

I no longer have an internet carrier; however, Google does NOT permit me to remove that account which was closed over one year ago.  Sigh.

Did you know that Mercury is retrograde?  Meaning: communication is challenging, if something is to go wrong with the computer, now is the time that will happen and (for me) if I am going to lock myself out of a website because I can't remember a password, it will happen in spades now.

The most important aspect of the above annoyances is to practice mindfulness.  Remind yourself no website would offer the tools for recovering or resetting your password, if you were not expected to at some point forget that word. 

Be gentle with yourself.  You are doing the very best you can.  You  must need to know at least 10-20 different passwords and forgetting which one you use for every site is pretty challenging when you have so many other much more important tasks.

Breathe.  You will be able to get back to that website.  Hey, if I can return to this blog, you can remember your password.


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cooking in Vietnam

The cooking classes I took were rat ngon or in another language muy subrosa.

Fresh, fresh, fresh - the greens were gathered from the garden we toured before we began chopping and the shrimp that was included in the spring rolls were swimming in a basin at the market before we cleaned and chopped them.

We also selected herbs at the market and the rice pancakes we made right there in the class.  Such lovely delicate dishes.  There was only one glitch in all the foods to which I was exposed in Vietnam.

In Northern Vietnam they serve dog!  As I was riding on the road from Hanoi to Han Lon Bay we passed a man on a motor bike with a milk crate carrying about six 20 pound dogs.  I asked the guide where the dogs were going.  His response: To the restaurant.

Needless to say, I was very distressed.  No, I did not eat dog while I was traveling.  What I ate was lovely, fresh, and delicate.  Just keep breathing.

Monday, January 27, 2014

miracle of consultation

Two minds are always better than one and in the case of my consultation group, four very sensitive, skillful and wise clinicians create an amazing group for growing and enhancing my ability to support my clients.

Every Monday morning at 9 Pacific time, Noon on the East Coast and 11 in Minnesota four of us join to provide guidance and get information for being more effective in working with our clients.

This small community has made it possible for each of us to resolve problems that felt insurmountable when we began the session and transformed into manageable issues through ideas offered by these wise clinicians.

This little love note is a thank you to my consultation team which is located physically in North Carolina, Massachusetts, Minnesota and (me) California.  I feel so much wiser for your support.

We all benefit from the willingness to share understanding that comes from experience.

Keep breathing.

So many changes, So many adventures

First there was DC for really excellent turkey smoked by my nephew and then there were papers to read and grades to submit and from that assignment I conducted two classes on-line from Vietnam!

What an amazing experience - not the class - I'd been teaching the class for a couple of semesters.  No, it was the realization that it was Wednesday at 6am for me and it was Tuesday at 3pm for my students.

Okay, here's the question:  What is time?  We were connecting across time and place and it was one hour of the day for me and another hour for my students. I taught two separate classes while I was a day and 17 hours away from my regular location.

This experience was so powerful that six weeks later, I continue to chew on it.

Breathe.  We are all connected.  There really doesn't appear to be a concept such as time.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Still here and still breathing

It took months for me to get this weird Google set up to allow me to check in!

Anyway - so much to share but mostly - so much to say about feeling better and - well - let's admit it - sometimes it's just all about staying alive.

The daily stresses with which we must contend can get to be just enormous.  That is IF we don't realize we have choices.

We can turn our minds away from those worries that feel insurmountable or we can use precious energy worrying about the bank balance or that message we didn't receive.

The choice is to make these stumbles huge or recognize that we can take a deep breath, gently allow our minds to let go of that challenging idea and feel okay.

In the moment breathe.  Allow yourself to find one nice image and be comfortable with that picture.

Sit with the ease you have just created.  Then move on to the rest of your day.  Breathe!