Friday, June 13, 2014

Integrity, truth, honesty

So here's the real issue: in learning the DBT skills I am teaching my clients, integrity is a fundamental quality everyone should adopt and I feel strongly that I am dealing with some issues of honesty.

The questions I hope my clients will address are the importance of being honest with oneself even if they are not happy with the information they confront. 

Integrity is a really precious commodity that many people do not understand.  I feel strongly that in order to manage the vulnerability we all carry, we must practice telling ourselves the truth.

My task now is to communicate the power of being honest with ourselves and being willing to take responsibility for this condition.  How can we consider ourselves reliable, trustworthy people if we are unable to be truthful and even more, if we are unable to be truthful with ourselves.

These are important concepts that we cannot expect other people to practice, if we are unable to practice them ourselves.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Back to the Password

I have finally uncovered the really weird reason Google will not permit me to change the password and thus easy access to this blog:

They don't believe the e-mail to which this blog was originally connected no longer exists.

Google thinks in order to protect my identity, it must carve that old e-mail address in stone and thus NEVER change it!

So I am stuck back in the early 21st century with a non-existent e-mail address while everyone with whom I would like to share these posts are connecting to blogs generated from sites that are alive and well in 2014.

Watch the steam rise from my frustrated self.  Breath.  It's Mercury retrograde.  Sigh.

Mercury retrograde or mindfulness?

Summer craziness and on top of all of that Mercury is retrograde.  Okay, astrology isn't for everyone, but this little condition does remind me to slow down and let go of the frustration of not getting everything completed right this minute.

If I hadn't spent so many years with my ex who was an astrologer, I wouldn't spend so much time thinking about the stars.  It does help to put the glitches and confusion of daily life off on some other condition than my lack of mindfulness.

And there's the real issue - staying focused on the present, doing one task at a time and reminding myself to take a deep breath before I make a decision are the actions I must practice.

It's so hard to let go of all those issues over which I have NO influence.  So the real work is to remind myself of Radical Acceptance - change the things I can, let go of those things I cannot change and recognize the difference between the two.


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Great in Uniform

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

what a chaotic time

Good and challenging

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Whew - I got it ALL done

Well not quite - I must still pack!  I got the preparation for both classes, the proposal and the tedious e-mail including the boarding pass managed.

The packing could be a real problem - it's just Massachusetts in March meaning it's colder than a  - - - so I'll have to take my long underwear.  And then I have to remember all the work to do for the two classes I'll teach on line on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. 

Even with this lovely event - more DBT training - Life goes on.  The classes still happen and I have to take care of my commitments.  Sometimes reality rears it's unattractive head.

Now I'm just reminding myself about packing the charger for the cell phone and the one for the computer and the documents for the classes and something to sleep in and hand cream and . . .

After I actually get onto the plane I may breathe a sigh of relief.  Meanwhile, I'm close to flying away from  home.  I miss Jack - he's at his spa.  I'm surprised that I am missing him - he is NOT Ralph.

My advice to me: breathe.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

So why all these password obstacles?

Here's the real reason I can't write here as much as I should:  I am password challenged.

I thought I had solved all the issues when I uncovered the way Google has hidden access to  my blog - they set it up under an e-mail address that hasn't existed for almost two years!

Now I want to sign in and blow off steam about having too  much to do and NO time.

All of the preambling is providing insight into why I must take my breaks and get another mindfulness session scheduled.  I will stop and do a yoga practice and I will aim to get some sleep - tomorrow is another jammed day - appointment in W. Hollywood, then must be back at my phone to participate in a call-in show on suicide in the military and then teach on-line and then see a client - I'm tired just describing it.

So here's my guidance to myself:  S-T-O-P.   S (stop what I am doing) -T (take a deep breath) - O (observe what I am feeling now) - P (proceed with your day).  Do it.


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Finally, got the secret password!!!

After, literally months of trying to get access to my blog so that I can share the wisdom I may have gained through using my clumsy, low tech skills, I have learned the magic password - Google is NOT flexible, understanding nor does it have ears!

I have talked to the people in my circles who are really competent with technology and they all tell me there is no human behind the way in which Google operates it many tools.

Finally, I have accepted their assessment - silly me, I kept hoping a real person would respond to my questions.  Through those many attempts to enter this site, I learned, Google is unable or unwilling to remove my internet address that has been dead for ages.

All of this frustration leads me back to some basic advice for me: breathe.  Use the skill of radical acceptance.  There are times when logic is the last tool for resolving the problem.


Monday, February 10, 2014

A little wisdom