Monday, September 7, 2009

Thank you

I learned from you all. The Army spouses who were willing to share their 20 years of experience with newer wives and husbands, the Sgts who talked about the tasks of preparing to leave their families for the next rotation and the soldiers who were leaving the new baby only six weeks old or their children just starting the fifth grade or high school. You were generous with your experiences and your warmth and concern and your love of this country brings tears to my eyes.

I look forward to being with you again. You are all in my thoughts and prayers and daily I send you the best I can offer. Thank you for all you do for this country.


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  2. I certainly hope that the troops and their families realize that the military institutions are designed to brainwash people into believing that it is "okay" to go to other lands and kill people. It is not.

    Now the US lacks the funds to care for our protectors. They should be angry. And would be insane not to feel guilty and sad for the devastating destruction they have caused. And for what? Freedom? How about the freedom to be better people?

    People of the world need to be helping each other... not warring.

  3. Elizabeth. You should try putting on some boots and deploying. I did not fire my weapon once, but I did bring endless supplies of water, supplies and other material to needy families and businesses. I also assisted in building a wall around a neighborhood which was a hot zone for sectarian violence. I am a good person and I think you are too but in order for you to feel better about yourself you are engaging in phantasy of what you think it is like over there. Educate yourself and learn to not degrade others and try to devalue their sacrifice just to make yourself feel better. You might feel better about yourself and others might enjoy your company just a little more.

  4. I by no means desire to degrade the sacrifice of the troops, US or from other lands. I believe it is absolutely shameless that our GOVERNMENT has devalued the lives of our enlisted. The USA cannot financially afford to effectively support our soldiers.

    We can help people around the world without the pretense of "war".

    I merely wish to point out the use of psychological manipulation employed by the military complex to get fellow human beings to do something that is, for the most part, anti-human.

    How do you suggest I educate myself?
    Should I ask the families of soldiers who have committed suicide?