Wednesday, September 4, 2013

It's Over

Well, summer.  Labor Day and those "free days" of summer are gone for this year.

Sometimes the idea of returning to that daily grind or the same issues we left back in May when we celebrated Memorial Day can be pretty disheartening.  More of the same old, same old.

Or maybe not.  Maybe this Fall we are willing to see this end of summer as a new beginning.  A time when we might actually look at those old issues lurking behind that door as not an obstacle but a challenge.

Sometimes it really is a matter of simply changing the way we define the condition.  If we can call that frustrating situation a challenge, as an opportunity to repair rather than ignore, we can look at the issue with new eyes.

What resources do we need to change the way we have been approaching this situation?  What skills do we bring to this old problem that we did not use previously?

Breaking out of a rut doesn't mean letting go of everything we've been doing but doing it in a different way, looking at a solution we never tried before.

Think about changing the way in which you view the challenge.  Perhaps  you have always looked at it from North and South.  Now you are willing to view it from East and West as well as from North and South.

Keep breathing.

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