Saturday, June 11, 2011

I Owe Taxes!

OMG! I never thought I would be sufficiently proficient at my work that I would owe the IRS. While the actual payment is not an easy experience, the fact of having to make that payment is rather amazing. I never thought my skills, my business, my very own self-employment would be so effective that I could be making tax payments.

If only paying these sums would insure that schools would be better, that clinics would not be closing and especially that this payment could in some way lower the tone of the angry dialogue that continues throughout this society. I like to think that the monies I will pay the IRS might contribute to lowering the intensity of the negative discussions I hear from each political group these days.

Sigh. Perhaps my small step of covering my own debt can generate some better feelings for the resources I may be supporting with my small payment.

Oh, well, as we are always advised, keep thinking those good thoughts. At least thinking in a neutral manner won't add to the worry and sadness found today.


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