Saturday, October 5, 2013

Another Weekend with the "gurus" of MIndfulness

At the current Jack Kornfeld, Daniel Siegel mindfulness brainwashing - not really it's just that this topic has become so popular that it almost feels like the McDonald's of "good thinking".  Isn't it more important to maintain awareness of self and others in a neutral fashion? 

As I attempt to express my skepticism about the popularism of the mindful "movement" I find that each word I attempt to use is one more reflection of what I know about mindfulness - to maintain awareness without judgment and there I go again using those words which are fundamental to holding a "mindful" state of mind.

So even in my desire to be skeptical and rejecting of this honest, caring manner of communicating and connecting I am so immersed in the whole body of mindful thinking that I cannot discuss my own personal mindset without using the fundamental terms: non-judgmental, staying present - one mindfully in the moment.

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  1. How refreshing, Susan! You spoke the words that go through my mind all the time! And some of the words I use are also "non-judgmental, staying present" but I almost always feel like apologizing. Thanks for this!