Monday, January 27, 2014

miracle of consultation

Two minds are always better than one and in the case of my consultation group, four very sensitive, skillful and wise clinicians create an amazing group for growing and enhancing my ability to support my clients.

Every Monday morning at 9 Pacific time, Noon on the East Coast and 11 in Minnesota four of us join to provide guidance and get information for being more effective in working with our clients.

This small community has made it possible for each of us to resolve problems that felt insurmountable when we began the session and transformed into manageable issues through ideas offered by these wise clinicians.

This little love note is a thank you to my consultation team which is located physically in North Carolina, Massachusetts, Minnesota and (me) California.  I feel so much wiser for your support.

We all benefit from the willingness to share understanding that comes from experience.

Keep breathing.

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