Monday, January 27, 2014

So many changes, So many adventures

First there was DC for really excellent turkey smoked by my nephew and then there were papers to read and grades to submit and from that assignment I conducted two classes on-line from Vietnam!

What an amazing experience - not the class - I'd been teaching the class for a couple of semesters.  No, it was the realization that it was Wednesday at 6am for me and it was Tuesday at 3pm for my students.

Okay, here's the question:  What is time?  We were connecting across time and place and it was one hour of the day for me and another hour for my students. I taught two separate classes while I was a day and 17 hours away from my regular location.

This experience was so powerful that six weeks later, I continue to chew on it.

Breathe.  We are all connected.  There really doesn't appear to be a concept such as time.

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