Saturday, September 25, 2010

Here we go again

New skills. I am in the midst of acquiring more tools for working with my lovely and challenging clients.

Maintaining the license requires getting continuing education units which is fun, interesting and really time consuming. The classes are always scheduled to conflict with my schedule. Right now I am missing the classes I teach on Thursday and Friday. Sigh. I do enjoy those classes.

This seminar is adding to the direction into which I can lead my clients as we work to decrease their pain. This seminar focuses on another means for connecting people with feelings so they learn how other people respond to them. Simple description for a really powerful skill.

In the midst of all these new skills, I am continuing to remind myself to breathe, absorb the information and take a moment to simply be present with what is happening right now, this very moment.

More to come.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


The therapist needs help! Well actually two types of help.

Among the challenges this summer was the loss of a dear friend who was a long time support. This special person was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and I had to find someone else to provide support. A real challenge for someone who calls herself "the therapist of last resort". Don't I have answers to everything?

This experience has taught me that searching for answers is an indication that I am willing to understand my own vulnerabilities. A tough assignment and one that was not easy for me to learn; however, this summer allowed me to begin the lesson. I am actually excited about the new resources that I have found. The insight and skills I am forced to learn are increasing the support I am able to provide my clients.

On the other hand, I need help adapting to my newly acquired, "Rolls Royce of all computers". Well, that is a bit of an exaggeration, but it is a fine, lovely Mac Book Pro and I am still overwhelmed with its power and functions.

More to come.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Summer's over and what a summer it has been.

No long military assignment; however, lots of short heartrending assignments. Wonderfully welcoming soldiers home. At those events I got to open my heart and greet the men and women who are safely home and the families who also came to the events. Then there were the hard gatherings for troops who were leaving in the next three days. Sigh.

Other activities for this summer included getting a new car, getting in a wreck the next day (on my return from a farewell event for the soldiers), dealing with my dog who hates little kids and breaking my watch. From the valuable to the silly. that was my summer.

Now on to a new semester, lovely new classes and more training.

Enjoy the Autumn. More to come.