Friday, March 8, 2013

Catching up

A new season, daylight savings time and another moment of surprise at this constantly changing resource I am offering.  Let's just say this essay after so many months of quiet is to say "hello, I am back and want to provide support to anyone reading this blog."

The primary reason my for silence is that I was finishing my novel!  It is now making the rounds of agents.  Meanwhile, a chapter is available at my other website: and the opening of the novel is posted on its own facebook page!  Read it!  Like it! Comfort Food, opening!

I am thinking of the craziness of those unpredictable events that we handle every day.  Some days there are the bills that appear out of no where, other days there is the dog with skin allergies whose scratching is creating a black fur rug on top of my white carpet.  Mostly I can report that simple distractions like S-T-O-P keep me going from one obstacle to next challenge.