Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Finally, got the secret password!!!

After, literally months of trying to get access to my blog so that I can share the wisdom I may have gained through using my clumsy, low tech skills, I have learned the magic password - Google is NOT flexible, understanding nor does it have ears!

I have talked to the people in my circles who are really competent with technology and they all tell me there is no human behind the way in which Google operates it many tools.

Finally, I have accepted their assessment - silly me, I kept hoping a real person would respond to my questions.  Through those many attempts to enter this site, I learned, Google is unable or unwilling to remove my internet address that has been dead for ages.

All of this frustration leads me back to some basic advice for me: breathe.  Use the skill of radical acceptance.  There are times when logic is the last tool for resolving the problem.


Monday, February 10, 2014

A little wisdom

Whew - Password Craziness

Now if I could just remember how to get to this spot, I might write more often.

I no longer have an internet carrier; however, Google does NOT permit me to remove that account which was closed over one year ago.  Sigh.

Did you know that Mercury is retrograde?  Meaning: communication is challenging, if something is to go wrong with the computer, now is the time that will happen and (for me) if I am going to lock myself out of a website because I can't remember a password, it will happen in spades now.

The most important aspect of the above annoyances is to practice mindfulness.  Remind yourself no website would offer the tools for recovering or resetting your password, if you were not expected to at some point forget that word. 

Be gentle with yourself.  You are doing the very best you can.  You  must need to know at least 10-20 different passwords and forgetting which one you use for every site is pretty challenging when you have so many other much more important tasks.

Breathe.  You will be able to get back to that website.  Hey, if I can return to this blog, you can remember your password.