Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Time for me!

What a concept?!

My schedule has been so jammed, I have been so busy, I have had to remind myself to take that break for something to eat, or to wash my face, but mostly to stop and breathe.

After a few weeks like this one, I have been very mindful of the need for "me time."  While I haven't taken the wonderful mini vacation to the Korean spa, I am taking those brief yoga and sitting breaks.

It does make a difference.  When I don't take that break for me, I don't feel competent.  I don't feel able to take care of myself or anyone else.

Find something that gives you your own "Me time" and then do it.  Do it every day, even if it is just drinking that cup of tea without interrupting yourself to answer the phone or send another text.


Friday, August 16, 2013

Lying: to ourselves

If I'm late, I'll just tell them traffic held me up. That's logical in LA. On the other hand, what if t you're late because you didn't want to go. What would happen if you admitted these feelings to yourself?

Asking a big question: "How would my life be different if I was really honest with myself?" means allowing yourself to really look at who you are.

Questions of this sort are incredibly hard to ask and the answers we give, WHEN we allow ourselves to be honest can actually make us feel better.

Admitting that we don't want to be with certain people can help us learn more about what we need in a relationship. Answering this question can help us create satisfying friendships. By examining our wants and desires in relationships we develop a meaningful support system.

Learning what we want in friendships does not mean getting rid of people in our lives. This information can make our current acquaintances even more meaningful. We look to companions for  how we feel with them. We turn the friendship around so we appreciate the connection with all of their quirks.  We have friends we enjoy.

Finally, I'm Baaack

What an amazing few months

Academic challenges for me personally and very satisfying teaching experiences.

Let this brief post be just a notice that I am back and thinking about supporting readers who may be going through the pain of "is it all worth it?".

Been there, done that and you get points for hanging in. . .

It is worth hanging in just for today.  It is worth it to stay in this moment of breathing without thinking about tomorrow.  Things look bleak when we are unable to narrow our perspective to one simple idea.  Look out the window and observe the way the light falls on that tree or on that dirty car or how the shadows create an unexpected pattern.

When was the last time you allowed yourself to simply breathe and observe without judgement?

I'll keep writing.