Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Semester and New Lessons

Melt downs. This month just completed has involved painful emotions by everyone in my group. Stability has been reached and people are feeling more committed to keeping their heads above water.

Avoiding hospitalization and keeping themselves safe is our primary focus rich now. Finally, I can breathe a sigh or relief that everyone is safe. Everyone is keeping her appointments and with all the pain floating throughout our world they are today more willing to inch forward toward management of their excruciating pain.

What has happened to make it possible to feel more grounded within this painful environment? First, our focus is on staying in the most narrow of the present. What is happening in this very moment here that requires intense response? While we can't change those environmental or external conditions, we can change the way we respond.

We again learning how to stay in this very present moment with the emotions we are feeling and are learning how to lower the intensity of those emotions.


Sunday, February 5, 2012

So many changes

First: I lost my password. So sorry for not posting throughout my exotic, wonderful, shocking and still extraordinarily memorable travels to eastern portions of this world.

Hong Kong is, to quote my traveling friend, a combination of Las Vegas and Rodeo Drive (Beverly Hills, CA) on steroids. It was great, exciting and the location of the Olympics of shopping. The food was amazing and probably the best meal I had was at the home of my host in Hong Kong whose cook prepares meals from her Thai home town.

India was truly awesome. Every day there was another wonderful, overwhelming and breathtaking adventure and now, three weeks after my return, I am beginning to assimilate ALL of my experience throughout that magic land. Again, the food was wonderful. I bought a new wardrobe of stunning formal Kurtis (tunic with pajama pants and flowing scarves). The two most outstanding sights were (needless to say) the Taj Mahal and Ghandi's home.

I am back with my students AND my clients. The stress of our daily lives in 2012 continues to stimulate both pain and challenges AND growth. I will continue to explore all of these topics. Do respond with your own questions.