Monday, September 15, 2014

Seasons of California

It has been hot and beautiful.  The wind keeps the air moving - it's possible to forget all the external stressors - drought and fracking and the monster SUVs that make walking the dog a real challenge.

These beautiful days as California changes seasons are part of the reason we come to California.  And, yes, there are season changes.  It's a very subtle change that requires close observation.  The air smells different and the light changes.

When I first arrived, I experienced an odor that has become, an indication of the seasons - the heat of the summer produces an almost mechanical odor mixed with scents of greenery.  When autumn arrives the scent is another blend of crisp green as well as the scent of drying leaves. 

Immersing myself in this change requires a total awareness.  The changes of weather in the east make acknowledging these changes simpler - the falling leaves and the changing colors - while in California recognizing these seasonal changes demand a focus and total awareness - a wonderful lesson in mindfulness: observe, describe and participate.


Friday, September 12, 2014

Another new Year

In two weeks the year 5774 will end!

The Jewish Calendar begins with the harvest and the gathering of all the energies of the year so that we can not only assess the year that is just being completed and also look forward.

How can we better prepare ourselves for both our material growth - growing in relationships and in the skills we show to the world around us and our spiritual growth.

Taking time to acknowledge adventures of the year just ending and making way for the awarenesses we bring forward is powerful.  These days before the new year can  set in motion the tone for what is to come in 5775.

During the next few days I must maintain an awareness of what was satisfying in the activities of the past months and what will be necessary for me to discard in the year ahead.

Change is what life is about: change is inevitable, growth is optional.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Arrgh! Another Password nightmare

Sigh.  Finally I'm back - even with all the obstacles to my talking about the challenges, joys and even small steps forward in this deep morass of technical challenges.

It's been a very satisfying Summer and now, moving into the third week of school, it is going to be a rich and challenging semester.  I love that I am being forced to learn a whole 'nother body of tools for supporting my clients.

Now, in the midst of enhancing my skills for a younger group of clients, I am getting to share this experience with my students.

It's so important to keep the neuropathways oiled and challenged - just another means of staving off diminishing intellectual brain power.

More pushups for the brain.