Friday, September 11, 2015

Reflection on the High Holy Days

Given all that is happening globally this year, humanity collectively has lots more to do to bring the world to a better place. A reflective poem for Rosh Hashana (this Sunday eve):

My reflection

When I look into the mirror
I see the face of millions
looking back
at me

When they gaze at me
some may be able to see the reflection of
those who might care enough to look back
at them

And when they see me in them
And when I actually see them in myself
we both will know that our core images and essence
though slightly different-- in meaningful ways,
are really the same at the center

As I align my image with the other
And as they align their source with me
we will one day look into our mirrors
and see who we really are

Thursday, September 10, 2015

finding that life worth living

All the little nasties seem to happen at once.  Insurance companies hanging up on me, clients not showing up,  and everyone else wanting their own chunk of change. Taxes here, office rent there, and the tea box in the office is empty.  Oh, yes, the dog needs his rabies shots.

Those are only the financial stressors. I know they will stabilize - and I will get through this money crunch. I am able to stay focused and keep the worry within tolerable bounds. I remind myself, when I start chewing on those fears that at this very moment, I am okay. I keep breathing. I take another deep breath, and take the dog out for a walk.

Believe it or not, it does help. I recognize the things I can control, accept the things I cannot change and see the difference between the two. It's what people in 12 step programs call the serenity prayer and what I call radical acceptance.