Sunday, March 23, 2014

Whew - I got it ALL done

Well not quite - I must still pack!  I got the preparation for both classes, the proposal and the tedious e-mail including the boarding pass managed.

The packing could be a real problem - it's just Massachusetts in March meaning it's colder than a  - - - so I'll have to take my long underwear.  And then I have to remember all the work to do for the two classes I'll teach on line on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. 

Even with this lovely event - more DBT training - Life goes on.  The classes still happen and I have to take care of my commitments.  Sometimes reality rears it's unattractive head.

Now I'm just reminding myself about packing the charger for the cell phone and the one for the computer and the documents for the classes and something to sleep in and hand cream and . . .

After I actually get onto the plane I may breathe a sigh of relief.  Meanwhile, I'm close to flying away from  home.  I miss Jack - he's at his spa.  I'm surprised that I am missing him - he is NOT Ralph.

My advice to me: breathe.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

So why all these password obstacles?

Here's the real reason I can't write here as much as I should:  I am password challenged.

I thought I had solved all the issues when I uncovered the way Google has hidden access to  my blog - they set it up under an e-mail address that hasn't existed for almost two years!

Now I want to sign in and blow off steam about having too  much to do and NO time.

All of the preambling is providing insight into why I must take my breaks and get another mindfulness session scheduled.  I will stop and do a yoga practice and I will aim to get some sleep - tomorrow is another jammed day - appointment in W. Hollywood, then must be back at my phone to participate in a call-in show on suicide in the military and then teach on-line and then see a client - I'm tired just describing it.

So here's my guidance to myself:  S-T-O-P.   S (stop what I am doing) -T (take a deep breath) - O (observe what I am feeling now) - P (proceed with your day).  Do it.