Saturday, October 1, 2016

Shana Tova

So in preparation for the high holidays-- I contemplate the meanings and lessons stemming from resisting Lashon Hara. With the hope that this year we can create classrooms, schools, relationships, and spaces where we hear, see, feel and understand each other better than we did before. Even when we may disagree or see the world in different ways. Listening, talking, reflecting, understanding, being more thoughtful-sensitive-honest and careful with our words-- may help us do better.

Someplace to start, to work on, and to grow from. Shana Tova

Weapons: Lashon Hara
how does one speak to
without saying what the
other wants to hear?
how does one hear
without the other speaking
and looking away?
how can we see one another
when our minds are cluttered with a vision of ourselves
and there is no other?
how can they say those things
when they know the words are
heard and they see your face?
how can they listen to words
sharpened into swords?
thinking only of themselves
yet unable to see
themselves or others?
throwing out sharp words
that deafen our ears

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