Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Procrastination or is it Fear

From day to day it's all so strange.

What is really happening?  I mean, I do go to the grocery store for that quart of milk and bottle of capers. 

I stood in line while the mom in front of me was told to place her bike safely to the side and she couldn't take her daughter (about 8 years old) in with her because it would add to the number of the people in the store.  Today that action was acceptable.  Two months ago leaving her little girl with the woman guarding the entrance to the store would have been unthinkable.

When will things return to normal?  Will there be a "new normal?"

My observation is that I'm getting through these days with a partial awareness of the work I must do - house cleaning seems so comforting because I know how to do those tasks.  The hard work is the changed manner of staying in touch with banks and clients.

Day by day I am learning how to do old jobs in a different way.  Work is getting done but in an unfamiliar manner.

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